Enjoyable excursions around Felgentreu:

New for friends of Walking: over 80 km signposted Nordic-Walking routes;

a hike up to the source of the Nieplitz;

“Fläming-Skate” the longest inline skating track in Europe;

bike rides to the scenic villages of Dobbrikow and Gottsdorf, passing some idyllic lakes on the way;

the Weinberg, a 72m high hill offering a beautiful panoramic view of the glacial valley;

We arrange day and week tickets al well as boats for angler who have a fishing certificate.



... discover ...

the parish of Nuthe-Urstromtal link;

the town of Luckenwalde link;

the medieval centre of the town of Jüterbog link;

the district of Teltow-Fläming link;

the Cistercian monastery of Zinna link;

the Dreiburgenland (Land of the Three Castles), with its three historic castles Eisenhardt link, Rabenstein link and Wiesenburg link;

the craftsmen's village of Görzke link;

Glashütte Open-Air Museum link;

Schloß Wiepersdorf

Blankensee Peasants' Museum link;

Schloss Wiepersdorf, the former home of the poets Bettina und Achim von Arnim link;

the cultivated woodland countryside of the Spreewald link;

the town of Lutherstadt Wittenberg link;


the Fläming-Therme - adventure swimming pool with its huge slide and a wide range of saunas in Luckenwalde link;

the BMX-Skyway Trails in Luckenwalde link;

more than 100 km of Fläming-Skate link.



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